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This is a semi-formal, unofficial manual for the JASS scripting language used for scripting Maps and AI files in Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III. Because it is unofficial, there are bound to be some errors and it may be incomplete. Please report errors and send suggestions for additions to vexorian@gmail.com.

This manual is not a programming tutorial nor an introduction to the JASS language for non-programmers. It is not a JASS FAQ or a JASS primer. For introductory material, individuals unfamiliar with a programming language are directed to the discussion forums and FAQs at Warcraft III Campaigns and The JASS vault. Any questions related to JASS should be directed there as well.

You can download a copy of this manual here.

This manual is divided into the following sections:


This is a list of the changes to this document that have been made recently.

Nov 19, 2011
  - The API has been updated with the additions to common.j and Blizzard.j from patch 1.23 only two years after
    the patch was included.
  - The page about type casting has been updated to remind you that the bug that allowed it has been fixed.
  - The link to wc3campaigns.com has been replaced with one to wc3c.net.  
  - It has been six years already? Wow.

May 06, 2005
  - Added Type casting (return bug) document.
  - Updated email reference.
  - Updated the perl script for the API browser, it will now allow some descriptions on the types and variables
    sections. At this moment the pages concerning the types damagetype, integer, attacktype, weapontype, string,
    boolean and real were updated, more stuff will come later. Also changed the colors.
  - Updated references for sites.
  - Updated the library functions document, just a note about the only 3 ai natives that may work in common.j

Apr 25, 2005
  - API docs updated to 1.18

Mar 1, 2004
  - API docs updated to include functions and globals in 1.14

Nov 17, 2003
  - native functions that take strings work in AI scripts, ExecuteFunc does not
    from: http://www.wc3campaigns.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36905

Nov 13, 2003
  - dataangel provided a correction to the statement that 'there is no way
    to look inside a group' without callbacks:
    There is an exception to this. You can look inside unit groups directly 
    and compare groups without the need for global variables ;) The secret is 
    the use of the common.j function FirstOfGroup(). Check out the following 
    function in the JASS Vault that I wrote:

Jul 23, 2003
  - added note about custom scripts in the tft trigger editor from brett:

Jul 1, 2003
  - Removed note that there is a max number of clauses per if-then-else.
    (fixed in ROC 1.10)
  - API Browser now reflects library files from ROC/TFT 1.10.

Jun 29, 2003
  - Noted that there is a max of 26 elseif clauses per if-then-else block.

Jun 15, 2003
  - Added some basic (more "tutorial") notes to the intro to the globals
  - Added note in the library section that native functions using callbacks 
    in common.j do not work in AI scripts.

Jun 14, 2003
  - API Browser now _really_ uses data files from 1.06. The last update
    accidently used the files from the latest TFT beta. Thanks for AIAndy
    for the heads up.

Jun 3, 2003
  - Updated API Browser to use data files from ROC 1.06
  - Arrays can now hold up to 8192 elements

Apr 7, 2003
  - Note that 'code array's are illegal (or will be in the near future)

Mar 19, 2003
  - Fixed typo in Library->Filters where it said 'filter', should be
    'filterfunc'. Fix courtesy of PitzerMike.

Mar 17, 2003
  - incorporated Bob Fitch's clarifications on threads in 
    Library Functions->Threads

Mar 16, 2003
  - added pretty printed versions of the library files in the api browser
    (click on a line number)
  - fixed function line numbers in api browser

Mar 15, 2003
  - added a simple API browser for the standard library api (BETA!)

Mar 13, 2003
  - added AIAndy's note about max # threads
  - fixed a couple typos found by John

Mar 1, 2003
  - Added some clarification on argument passing in the Functions section

Feb 28, 2003
  - This addition courtesy of weaaddar
  - added the following verbiage to Types->Arrays:
    Although you can store an element in any index of an array (from 0 to the 
    maximum positive integer value), you can only store up to 
    JASS_MAX_ARRAY_SIZE = 1024 elements total in a given array (defined in 
    common.j). In other words, an array is more like a sparse hashtable with 
    a fixed size of 1024. (Note: I have not verified this)

Feb 14, 2003
  - pretty printed jass code to make it easier to read

Feb 7, 2003
  - These corrections courtesy of Bob Fitch (BFitch at blizzard dot com):
  - hex, octal notation for integers
  - unary + identity operator
  - real const can start with just .
  - user defined functions can be declared 'constant'
  - constant variables must be assigned a value
  - id type regex should be: [a-zA-Z]([a-zA-Z0-9_]* [a-zA-Z0-9])?
  - debug can only be used with set, call, ifthenelse, loop
  - bnf more correct now

Jan 16, 2003
  - made it more explicit that null can be assigned to code values
    (function pointers)

Jan 14, 2003
  - added section on enumerations and filters in library

Jan 12, 2003
  - command queue is actually a stack. Thanks for the heads up by AIAndy

Jan 10, 2003
  - added note about the 'return' type bug
  - only one (or zero) 'globals' section is allowed per file
  - the globals section and type declarations must be before user-defined
    function declarations
  - foward references of functions are illegal (must be declared before use); 
    but self-referential functions are legal (e.g., recursion)

Jan 9, 2003
   - verified: integer range, thread shared state, only new handle types

Jan 8, 2003
   - added statements section
   - added expressions section
   - added library section
   - various typos fixed

Jan 7, 2003
   - initial version of manual started
   - sections: globals, types, functions, misc, bnf done

Copyright (c) 2003 Jeff Pang
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

Copyright (c) 2003 Jeff Pang
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