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JASS Comments are identical to C++ and Java style line comments. Any text following a // is ignored until the end of the line. For example,

// This is a comment
function my_function takes nothing returns nothing // This is a comment
     local integer foo // This is a comment
     // This is a comment
     set foo = 10 // This is a comment

White Space

Except for newlines, all whitespace is ignored. In other words, the level of indentation of declarations and statements and number of spaces/tabs between words is irrelevant. In addition, extra newlines are allowed anywhere (i.e., you can have empty blank lines).

However, each function signature and statement must span only one line. There is no way to continue a statement on a second line. This may have been violated in some places in this manual to make code more readable, but should be maintained if you want a correct script.

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